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of no return. Christian Spoony An escaped clone of Spoony, created by Doctor Insano, who appeared in a review by Diamanda Hagan. Invoked " Final Fantasy viii sucks and you suck for liking it!". Strange Minds Think Alike : Both he and Maffew of Botchamania feel that the only thing John Cena sells is merchandise. Indestructible Edible : According to Spoony's story The Toilet Pizza a pizza from Peter Piper's Pizza does not mold or decay instead just hardening into a pizza shaped slab of plastic. Spoony gets one in during his LP of Terror trax: Track of the Vampire : Graves: I get. You literally play as a disembodied head. After all his rage at Ultima IX, he finds out that Ultima: Runes of Virtue II (or at least its snes Porting Disaster ) is an even worse game, with the only thing saving it from a truly epic verbal flogging being the fact that. Lets Plays of, phantasmagoria 2 : A Puzzle of Flesh, swat 4, and, ripper (which he slogged through in the dark ages of pre. Everything ended up working out, so instead it just acts as a sendoff to the bedroom where he filmed the show until then, as he was finally moving out of his parents' house.

Sano : "You actually voted for a guy named "sano"! Spoony left tgwtg in June 2012, the details of which are contentious (Noah said in the To Boldly Flee commentary that he was already planning to leave as he didn't need the site's promotions and management knew this; however, he also left in the midst. The Voiceless : Except in the first FMV Hell video, in which he is voiced by John Doe. But if I were to guess, I'd say it's where all the jesters of the world were exiled for making endless Uranus jokes." Valley Girl : Gender Bender Spoony and 80's Chick. Played by Noah's brother and only appearing twice so far, he comes running in to stop illegal actions, from (what sounded like) child porn to (Insano) getting up on a float and signing. In his review of Ultima IX, he laid out an epic Take That!

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His horror at the passionate kissing and overly romantic dialogue between Luke and Leia in his review of Marvel's Star Wars comics, since it was based on an early treatment of the story before their familial relationship was decided Bruce Lee Clone : His subject. Robot Buddy Screw This, I'm Outta Here! It's the thesis of the whole. Another good moment occurs during the VCR Golf review, upon discovering that the second package he was sent was another version of the game from the same company. During his Let's Play of swat 4, he sings the chorus of "Wild Wild West" by The Escape Club, then cheerfully tells the audience: "Yeah, you'll have that song stuck in your head for about a week. GMs ; and has appeared in all the various anniversary specials. It can quickly go into subjective territory if you're not of the same gaming generation of him, or if you are and don't have a strongly positive opinion of the originals. This prompts Spoony to call his lawyer, complaining that this proves he shouldn't have taken the insanity plea when he told the court that a wizard made him kill those hookers. Insano figured out a way to obtain game footage of Final Fantasy X-2 without having to play the game. Continuity Snarl / Negative Continuity : "There is no continuity, there is only Insano as Spoony put it in a commentary. Air"s : When Spoony pretended to be Linkara for a joke video, he reviewed the first Star Wars comics, which were released before A New Hope came out. Also parodied extensively in his Robowar review, in response to the plethora of scenes the soldiers are just randomly firing into the greenery like crazy.

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